Ennis Hill Strawcell Post #2 10/4/13


Here is a photo of the floor condition on which our bales will be stacked.  You can see the mineral wool that gets the bales up off the vapor barrier, the exterior 2×6 wall frame and the 1 1/2″x4 permanent slab form that will also act as a nailing anchor for the electrical chase. (short 2x4s are just support for pouring the slab)  We are a little uncomfortable with the bales being lower than the slab and may bring the bales up to the same level by adding more mineral wool underneath the bales.  You can also see the black locust sills and the fact that there  is no stem wall for the bales to go on! Scary indeed.

7.5″ of EPS foam is under the vapor barrier.  The slab is held away from the 2x frame to limit thermal breaks.

I will add a note on sequencing as we have decided that once the roofing is on, we will install bales in order to get visuals on attaching bales to frame.  Then well blown in cellulose between 2×6 frame thru insulweb and finally install 1/2″ insulative sheathing with horizontal strapping over that for the rainscreen siding of vertical board and batten.

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