Home Performance/Renovations Lead Carpenter


Home Performance/Renovations Lead Carpenter
December 22, 2017

New Frameworks is a worker-owned, high performance natural building company looking for a lead carpenter to head our home performance and renovations team.
  • Core Site-based Responsibilities:
    Supports Home Performance/Renovations Project Manager and works directly with them to fulfill project construction.
    Delivers projects on budget, on schedule, and to the clients’ satisfaction.
    Strong renovation carpentry skills: framing through finishes.
    Strong building science and green building skills with an interest to grow in this area. Regular in-house and external training included with this position.
    Leads and manages crew effectively and builds positive daily culture.
    Communicates daily with clients regarding progress, logistics, and other incidental requirements relevant to the execution of the work.
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NESEA Conference Building Energy 2015
March 6, 2015

Ace McArleton chosen for Nesea’s Closing Forum:

100 Years of Experience

Thursday, March 05, 2015
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
The closing forum will feature 6 Pecha Kucha 20×20 presentations (20 slides, each for 20 seconds) followed by a discussion moderated by Matt Root. Participants will include three sages—John Abrams, Chuck Silver and Terry Brennan and three rising stars – Declan Keefe, Ace McArleton and Stephanie Horowitz. In 90 minutes, this session will teach you more about building, design, business, and life than you could learn in 10 years on your own. The three sages will go first, sharing their hard-won knowledge about best practices: what works, what doesn’t, and how they have survived and thrived for 30+ years in the industry.
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StrawCell – 3rd Generation Strawbale Wall
February 10, 2015

First Published in Green Building Advisor Guest blog – edited by Martin Halloway

Straw-Bale Walls for Northern Climates

A ‘third generation’ straw-bale technique combines a straw-bale interior wall with an exterior stud wall insulated with cellulose

Posted on Nov 17 2014 by ben graham
  An exterior stud wall provides room for more insulation. Without an exterior stud wall, most straw-bale walls have an R-value of R-33 or less.
The mechanical baler was invented in the 1850s (Reynolds, History of Hay Balers), and it’s been a while now since those folks in the Midwest put up a couple of bale houses.
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Ennis Hill Strawcell #4 12/16/13
December 16, 2013

I have included lots of pictures here to fill in some of the gaps from previous posts.  Starting from the bottom, we can see the Roxul toe up insulation that connects the bale walls to the subslab insulation. Notice the wood edge to the slab which was the form for the slab and will be a nailer for baseboard.  It will also connection the clay plaster air barrier to the sub slab air/vapor barrier which runs under the roxul to the exterior drainage plane.     Now going to the top, you can see the framing over the door that will be the same as over the windows. … Read more »Read the rest »

Sign up for Natural Design/Build Course at Yestermorrow!
December 12, 2013

We have a few spots available in our upcoming Natural Design/Build course at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, VT starting in early January. This two-week course is a terrific way to gain a foundation in sustainable design and construction, interweaving classroom instruction, hands-on construction, and an active design practicum into a truly integrative design-build curriculum. We hope to see you there! http://www.yestermorrow.org/workshops/detail/natural-design-build
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Ennis Hill Strawcell #3 12/8/13
December 8, 2013

We have begun to stack bales!  We have had two days of install where we have gotten a small wall section up.  Everything seems to be working according to plan including the lath and cutting the strings.  I will now begin to detail the process up to now. I would first like to acknowledge Dave Lanfear of Bale on Bale, who  may not have been the first, but within the group NaturalBuildersNorthEast(NBNe)  has been cutting strings with his pop n’ plop method for years.  Cutting bale strings not only mostly elliminates a laborious step of filling holes between bales and achieving a more thermally solid bale layer without little thermal weak points, but it also forces us to devise a better system for attaching bales to frame.… Read more »Read the rest »

Passivhaus in 14,000 HDD Climate
November 1, 2013

For those who wonder what a passivhaus looks like in the Arctic, check out this article.  This house is designed to run on solar for 9 months of the year with no fossil fuel backup.  480 sf of solar hot water and 5000 gals of thermal mass balance the passive solar elements including R20-40 ext. thermal shutters. http://www.reina-llc.com/projects/sunrise/
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Ennis Hill Strawcell Post #2 10/4/13
October 4, 2013

Here is a photo of the floor condition on which our bales will be stacked.  You can see the mineral wool that gets the bales up off the vapor barrier, the exterior 2×6 wall frame and the 1 1/2″x4 permanent slab form that will also act as a nailing anchor for the electrical chase. (short 2x4s are just support for pouring the slab)  We are a little uncomfortable with the bales being lower than the slab and may bring the bales up to the same level by adding more mineral wool underneath the bales.  You can also see the black locust sills and the fact that there  is no stem wall for the bales to go on!… Read more »Read the rest »

Ennis Hill Strawcell Wall System Post #1- 10/3/13
October 4, 2013

Newframeworks has been working on developing a new way to install strawbales for a couple of years and is now using this blog to document a build that incorporates its current design.  This string of blogs will be posted here and numbered in sequence The design has lots of history and collaboration from others.  Ace, Ben and Jacob have been discussing alternative strawbale wall systems for years with other strawbale builders from NaturalBuilders Northeast, Mark Hoberecht of Harvestbuild, and others within the strawbale network around the world. The standard strawbale wall system in the Northeast was a timberframe structure with a strawbale wrap for enclosure and insulation. … Read more »Read the rest »

Terrain.org Review of Natural Building Companion
April 24, 2013

Check out this terrific review of The Natural Building Companion at Terrain.org! http://terrain.org/2013/reviews/natural-building-a-holistic-and-environmental-how-to/
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