New Frameworks Natural Design/Build is committed to making stronger connections between the natural and built environments by providing a broad range of  construction services. Give us a call to see how we can support your project.

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Our buildings embody our values. We design to minimize ecological impact using  foam free assemblies and fossil fuel free energy systems that stand up to the rigors of the northeastern climate. We source building materials native to this region and support local suppliers and tradespeople. With expert knowledge of building science we produce award-winning, high performance structures that are comfortable and durable. By featuring the natural beauty of local materials such as, wood, stone, clay, and straw, we create spaces that enliven the spirit and soothe the soul. To learn more about the materials and methods we use, click here.

 High Performance Natural Building

We specialize in creating high-performance building envelopes and finishes using low-impact, locally-sourced, durable, and beautiful natural materials.  We can bring the building of your dreams to fruition under our design direction, or work with your general contractor for targeted projects.

  • New! Prefabricated Straw Bale Panels for residential and commercial projects
  • Straw Cell Wall System – a 3rd generation regional strawbale system for the NorthEast
  • Straw Bale, Straw-Clay, Wood Chip-Clay, and Cellulose insulation.
  • Timber Framing – In the Round Tree form and Square timbers
  • Native wood construction, double-stud and high-efficiency framing.
  • Trim work and finish carpentry
  • Building shell thermal and moisture performance detailing
  • Clay and lime plasters and paints – interior and exterior
  • Stone and Tilework
  • Earth construction techniques such as cob and adobe for interior finishes such as built-ins, interior walls, and chimney and hearth surround.

Foam Free Energy Performance Upgrades   

NFW is helping to lead the way to a petrol free future by its commitment to making buildings use less oil for energy with solutions that don’t use petrol products.  This primarily means phasing out the use of foam.  Most builders think that the use of foam saves the most energy, but few have looked into the alternatives that are as effective as foam in creating the highest performing assemblies that conserve heat and don’t let it leak out of the building enclosure.

NFW is certified by the BPI(Building Performance Institute) and an Efficiency Vermont Partner with the Home Performance with Energy Star program.  Give us a call to find out how to take advantage of this program.  Find out more about Deep Energy Retrofits and Home Performance program here.

Renovations & Remodeling

The greenest building is the one that’s already standing, and New Frameworks Construction can help bring new life to your existing structure – from a fresh coat of clay or milk paint, to kitchen and bath remodels, to complete renovations to improve the performance and longevity of your building. We specialize in creating high-performance building envelopes and finishes using low-impact, locally-sourced, durable, and beautiful natural materials.

  • Deep Energy Retrofits
  • Kitchen and bath remodeling
  • Additions and building renovation
  • Clay and lime plasters and paint
  • Stone and tilework
  • Native wood trim and finish carpentry
  • Natural insulation solutions and thermal performance enhancement (see Home Performance Upgrades)


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