Our passion is the marriage of high-performance construction and locally-sourced, low-impact natural materials.  This can only be achieved through a thorough design process executed by a knowledgeable design practitioner.  We at New Frameworks Natural Design/Build are able to bring our deep understanding of the fundamental principles of building science and high-performance design to help realize the full potential of your project, regardless of the construction modality.  We bring experience in architectural and permacultural design as well as Passive House consultation.

Glass porch roof area



We work in a collaborative, respectful, and efficient manner, maximizing your investment in design and planning up front to realize benefits both during construction and throughout the life of the building.  We offer a range of design services tailored to suit the needs of your project:

  • Natural and High-Performance Consultation: If you have a designer or architect you are currently working with, we can provide consultation on the implementation of natural materials and systems, or the optimization of the building envelope, mechanical systems, and layout to reach energy performance goals.
  • Design Process Administration: We are experienced administrators of collaborative design processes, supervising design teams including owners, architects, contractors, and engineers.  This is a critical role once more than two people are involved with a design process, and may not be a role best provided by the designer or architect.  See Project Management/Administration for more information about project coordination with designers and contractors.
  • Full Project Design: We can also provide complete design services, and work with a network of highly-skilled architects, designers, and engineers to bring the appropriate talent to your project.

Whether you have an existing design and construction team, are looking to do the work yourself, or are exploring the feasibility of integrating natural building systems into your project, New Frameworks Natural Design/Build can provide you with the information and support you need to execute your project efficiently and effectively.  As experienced designers, builders, and educators, we are well-positioned to evaluate your program and communicate appropriate solutions to enhance the value and performance of your project.  We offer a variety of consultation services to suit a broad range of needs:

Owner/Builder Support    Project Management and Administration