Owner/Builder Support

New Frameworks Natural Building specializes in supporting owners who seek to create their own homes and projects.  Whether through design and administrative support, logistical coordination, or on-site training and technical support, we can help empower you to take full ownership over your creation.  We offer customized, personal services in a respectful and efficient manner to help guide your project to a successful completion.  The needs of the owner/builder vary widely, and we specialize in providing you with type and level of support tailored specifically to your project.  Examples of different types of consultation services we provide to owner/builders include:

  • Design Review: Review plans – developed by you, your architect or engineer, or purchased stock plans – to ensure compliance with your stated goals, evaluate for feasibility/buildability, and compliance with best practices for natural building, building envelope performance, and efficient mechanical system design.  Also see Design Consultation for more information about design support, and Project Management/Administration about project coordination with designers and contractors.
  • Budget Development and Analysis: Develop a detailed, itemized, and organized budget to assist in your financial planning, or review your prepared budget for omissions and accuracy; support in budget preparation for submission to banks or other lending institutions, as well as navigating through the lending process.
  • Field-Based Project Assessment and Skills Training: Assess the preparation work before moving to the next step (for example, appropriate layout before framing or plaster preparation before plastering), direct skills training in both natural building and conventional trades techniques, and on-site troubleshooting support.
  • Quality Control and Sub-Contractor Support: Review potential sub-contractor qualifications, support efficient communication with sub-contractors, coordinate organization of sub-contractor scheduling and scope of work, and supervise sub-contractor quality control and design compliance. Also see Project Management/Administration about project coordination with designers and contractors.