Project Management and Administration

Our work is rooted in our firm belief of the benefits of the design/build process as an integrated process of bringing vision into creation.  For this process to be successful, it must be carefully administrated.  With many different people involved and thousands of decisions to make – many of which directly affect each other – it is critical to have competent and skilled management of the process, no matter how gifted the people involved.  New Frameworks Natural Building offers a wealth of experience working within the collaborative design/build process, both as participants and administrators.  If you have a designer or contractor on your team but are in need of a project manager who can help coordinate and oversee the process from inception to completion, we can help facilitate an efficient and effective process that will ensure that critical details are considered in design and executed correctly in the field.  Benefits of this service to your project include:

  • Improved efficiency of the design process through tracking and
    streamlining conversations between the client, designer/architect,
    engineer, building code or zoning official, contractor, sub-contractors,
    and other specialty consultants; development and maintenance of a
    comprehensive and transparent design schedule that is merged seamlessly
    into the construction schedule for a well-coordinated and efficient
    design/build experience.
  • Improved efficiency during construction as a result of builder
    input during the design process and intimate knowledge of the design
    carried into the field, as well as enhanced quality control and
    execution of specialty techniques in the fields of natural building and
    high-performance construction.
  • Greater budget accuracy by inclusion of building-feasibility
    analysis during the design process, allowing creation of a budget that
    more closely represents the design, and a design that more closely
    matches the budget goals set for the project.
  • “Institutional Knowledge” of the design process carried all the way through construction to ensure design compliance in the field.