We are excited to present our latest development in Natural Building with our Strawbale 3.0 – StrawCell.

We have redesigned the straw bale wall to be more affordable, better performing and easier to build.  This new wall assembly features your typical 2 string bale on edge to the inside of a stud frame wall that is infilled with dense packed cellulose.

Read more about the history and development of the StrawCell design in our blog post here.



After completing two projects we are looking for more projects that want to combine the high performance qualities of this wall system with the low impact of these building materials.  As mentioned in the above blog, one of the aims of the new wall assembly was to create a system that was easier to build in order to make this much needed ecologically based design more accessible to everyone who is interested to lessen their impact in construction and even contribute to the development of regenerative design.