Building Better, Together

We converted to a worker cooperative in 2016. Because every member of our group is an owner of New Frameworks, we are invested in our business in a profound way. 

This investment is reflected in our commitment to one another, our work, and our clients. Building positive and lasting relationships is paramount to our work; fueled by active listening, respect-driven collaboration, compassion, and curiosity.

Our internal governance reflects our structure: we manage our business through regular all company meetings, committees which tackle specific topics such as “Build Group” and “Admin Group”, and a Board of Managers elected by the full members with term limits. We participate in the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives nationally, and the Green Mountain Worker Coop Alliance locally in Vermont, to help to build a diverse and strong ecosystem of worker cooperatives in our communities. Just, regenerative economics built on democratic participation in our workplaces is a piece of how we see our work reverberating in the social as well as ecological spheres.