New Frameworks


New Frameworks is a worker-owned cooperative committed to a kinder sort of building. Locally sourced natural materials like native hardwood, clay, and stone soften our impact on the planet. Our ecologically-minded building practices and comprehensive, full-service systems design make our buildings at home on earth while providing state-of-the-art comfort and efficiency for the people that rely on them.


Positive Relationships

We foster positive relationships with our clients and contractors with active listening, respect-driven collaboration, thoughtful compassion, and curiosity.

Healthy Environments

We are dedicated to ecological and social responsibility, an enduring love of our planet, and to the health and safety of those who live in the buildings we work on.


True Sustainability

We go further than mere “energy efficiency” by bringing decades of experience and tools to support values and priorities for deep sustainability.

Cooperative Principles

Every member of our group is an owner; that fact is reflected in our commitment to one another, our work, and our clients.

  • Ben Graham

    As co-founder and Design Lead, Ben directs the Design Team and collaborates with clients to build their dreams in real life. Ben guides the synergy of innovation and nature and is creative director of Gryphon Doors, and builds with timber and natural elements in projects. He is also a Managing Partner and Board Member and lives with his wife and child in shared community space in Central Vermont.

  • Jack Mills

    As Project Engineer, Estimator, and Apprentice Carpenter, Jackson plays a critical role in the daily operations of New Frameworks. In his newest role as Board Member and the Administrative Group, he guides the company surely towards excellence. Jackson lives in Chittenden County and loves playing board games with friends.

  • Ace McArleton

    Ace is a co-founder, Managing Partner and Board Member of New Frameworks and holds it down as Financial & Office Manager, Project Manager and occasional site leader. Ace is particularly passionate about building positive company culture, equity, and relationships between people. Ace lives with his partner and their bulldog-boxer mix and orange kitty in Chittenden County.

  • Stephen Dubé

    Stephen Dubé is an artist and Lead Carpenter who makes sure to lead jobs and the crew with an equal balance of heart and precision. Stephen leads the Build Group, and lives in Central Vermont with his kids. He is passionate about sacred architecture, poetry, and cold water plunges in mountain streams.

  • Jacob Deva Racusin

    Jacob wears many hats in New Frameworks: Co-founder, Managing Partner and Board Member, Systems Designer, Project Developer and Project Manager, and occasional crew member. A native Vermonter, Jacob lives with his family on a mountain homestead near the Canadian border.

  • Mike Xenakis

    As an Apprentice Carpenter particularly fascinated by how buildings work, Mike always has his eye out for air sealing and insulation details on our projects and just really loves being in an attic. Mike serves on the Build Group and lives in Central Vermont in a yurt on community land with his partner, and particularly enjoys sugaring each spring.

  • Julie Krouse

    Julie is New Frameworks’ intrepid Design Technician and plays a critical role in the Design & Planning process: wrangling and documenting all the details, and guiding the handoff between design phase and build phase. Julie is an active member of the Design Group. Julie lives with her wife and darling cat Nudel in Central Vermont and can beat anyone at movie trivia anyday.

  • Shane Eazor

    As an Apprentice Carpenter and the newest member of the team, Shane is passionate about making existing buildings work for the people who live in them and about the worker cooperative structure of New Frameworks. Shane is a member of the Workers Center, lives in Chittenden County in a cohousing community, and loves reading zines and comics.

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Our Story

In today's built environment, we see both an ecological crisis in regards to toxicity and climate impact, as well as a social justice crisis regarding health impact to workers and owners, affordability of operating and accessing safe shelter, and the emotional/psychological impacts of conventional designs using conventional materials.

To address these issues in the time frame laid out for us by the physical realities of our planet and cultural realities of our society, we need to leapfrog past current paradigms and radically reframe (new frameworks!) how we approach the problem in a systems-thinking structure. We have the current, proven, data-driven, value/cost-comparable proof of concept in using locally-sourced, non-toxic, natural materials that support local working landscapes and sustainable agricultural initiatives scaled to our region to create plant-based building solutions.

These approaches surpass the durability and performance of petroleum-based counterparts (i.e. foam and heavily-manufactured products), "bank" or store carbon for net positive atmospheric carbon reduction, and create healthy spaces that enliven and inspire the people that use it. 

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  • Building Performance Institute certified Envelope Professional, Building Analyst & Healthy Homes Evaluator

  • Passive House Institute US (PHIUS), Certified Passive House Builder (CPHB)

  • Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Lead Certified US EPA

  • Home Performance with EnergyStar and EnergyStar Homes partner contractors

    • Permaculture Designer Certification - Permaculture Association (Britain)



  • Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA); Charter Member - NESEA BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines

  • USFWC: US Federation of Worker Coops

  • VWCA: Vermont Worker Coop Alliance

      • Efficiency Excellence Network

      • Building Performance Professionals Association - Vermont

      • Natural Builders NorthEast



It takes a village; from the forests that grow the timber, to the craftspeople who devote their lives to their trade,  it’s a community effort. We are committed to aligning every aspect of our ecology with the community that supports us.

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