Renovations & Upgrades


The greenest building is the one that’s already standing. New Frameworks can breathe new life into your existing structure, from a new bathroom, to a total renovation designed to radically improve the performance and longevity of your building. We specialize in creating high-performance building enclosures and finishes using low-impact, locally sourced, durable, and beautiful natural materials. 



Somewhere between a new structure and a remodel, an addition done properly strengthens and streamlines an existing structure with a fresh functionality. Whether it’s extra space for a growing family, or a sauna to help you make it through the long winter: an addition can reinvigorate new life into a building.

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Home Remodeling

Sometimes all it takes to make a building perfect is a bit of renovation; whether a space needs a little more natural light, a more open floor plan, or a bit of polish and beautification at the hands of a craftsperson, we love teaching old dogs new tricks.

Renovation Stories


It’s easy to love an underdog, and these stories are full of them. The ugly duckling undergoing a deep energy retrofit and coming out a sterling example of efficiency and natural beauty – what’s not to love?


Tell us what you're thinking!

Each project is a new adventure; maps need to be drawn, supplies gathered, a team assembled. If you you have a project that’s a good candidate for collaboration with New Frameworks drop us a line, we’d love to hear what you're thinking.