New Frameworks is committed to strengthening the connection between the natural and built environment by deftly wedding the beauty of natural materials and the quality of high-performance construction.


Smarter Buildings


Wall Systems

We design wall systems that make a home a better place to work, play and live by seamlessly fusing the elemental efficacy of natural building materials with the exacting precision of modern construction techniques. 

Wall Finishes

Our wall finishes enhance and beautify interiors with a wide variety of colors, characteristics, and surface finishes: from the earth and lime of the plaster we apply by hand, to the subtle luminescence of mica-enhanced milk paint. 

Wall Systems

  • Double Stud
    Dense Pack Cellulose

    Cellulose insulation provides moisture-durable, pest-repellant, cavity-filling, air-movement-retarding, ecologically-sound insulation. We use only 100% borate-treated cellulose, and avoid the use of ammonia-based flame retardants in our building materials.

  • Exterior Wrap
    Wood Fiberboard

    Exterior wrap fiberboard is an engineered product made by the combination of sustainably harvested lumber waste, wax and natural resin. It is uniform, stable, permeable, thermally resistant, free from the numerous downsides of more traditional foam board insulation.

  • Straw Bale and StrawCell

    We pride ourselves on building the tightest and cleanest straw bale walls possible; we focus on revealing the beauty and unique softness of bale walls without sacrificing precision in construction.

  • Natural
    Fiber Infill

    We use a variety of natural materials mixed and matched to fit specific jobs: from barkless wood chips to straw, mixed with slip (clay suspended in water). It makes an exceptionally low impact, yet effective insulation.

Wall Finishes

  • Clay & Lime Plasters

    We design and mix custom plasters using clay, sand, lime, straw and pigment with ratios tailored to specific wall systems and climates. Some walls require more permeability than others; our system caters to that fact.

  • Paints

    We mix our own custom clay paint, lime washes, and milk paint using clay, mineral powder, and pigment. We source pre-manufactured truly zero-VOC paints for healthier homes.

  • Wood

    Wood can grant a room a warmth unavailable from other finishes; and since all of our wood is sourced from a network of local foresters, loggers, and sawmills, it’s got an ethical sheen to match.

  • Reclaimed Materials

    The call to arms has always been “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!” – we speak to its second note with our use of reclaimed materials throughout our buildings.


Roof Systems and Windows

A good roof does more than keep the weather out, it keeps the comfort in. We design and build roofs capable of the highest possible level of thermal stability without sacrificing durability or their ability to protect from rain, snow, and condensation. 

A window provides a lot more than a view: they bring in warmth and light of the sun, open to provide an idle breeze, and provide remarkable thermal stability. 

  • Roof Finishes

    The roofing materials we use are chosen carefully to assure long-term durability and a gentle ecological footprint.

  • Roof Design

    Our roofs are designed to use materials that are safer and healthier for people and the planet while providing an exceptional drying potential that protects the thick layers of insulation that keep the building warm.

  • High-performance Windows

    From their framing material - fiberglass or insulated wood - to their glazing specifications, we optimize each window for peak performance and exceptional aesthetics.


Gryphon Doors


"This is the most satisfying door I have ever closed. Beautiful. Every portal needs to have this kind of intention and purpose." – Nancy Milliken, of Charlotte DER & Renovation (2017)


Our Gryphon Door brings everything that makes a robust wooden door so perfectly fit to the Northeast and elevates it with a sustainable forestry practice and modern ecological design and technology. 

  • Impact

    Gryphon Doors are hand built to order in East Calais, Vermont with help from a water powered turbine that heats the building. Not only are our doors made from the best materials, but their impact is minimal. We designed them that way because we can. Mutually beneficial is our mantra.

  • Craft & Character

    Vermont’s ingenuitive spirit is strong. And the character of the place shines through in the materials that we use from the working landscape. These doors will grow old with you and become more unique with age.

    Making our doors perform to the levels we expect is no easy task. Precision detailing and hard work are key ingredients to smooth operation, durability and good looks.


Native Lumber Wood Working


Custom, Local & Enduring

The woodland wealth of the Green Mountains is legendary; we pay tribute to that bounty by treating our forests respectfully with ecologically-minded native lumber and innovative framing techniques.

We work with local foresters, loggers, and sawmills to support keeping our forests healthy and productive, invest in our local rural economy, and minimize the ecological impact of our buildings.  

  • Custom Carpentry

    Our skilled craftspeople and woodworkers turn our sustainably- and locally-sourced wood into custom carpentry of the utmost quality. Lumber is just sticks until it passes through the hands of a true craftsperson.

  • Timber Framing

    Our timber framing systems represent a high-water mark of craftsmanship, design, and durability while simultaneously storing carbon, cutting excess construction waste, maximizing the efficacy of insulation and providing structural superiority.

  • Natural Forms

    The natural beauty of wood can create an expression of place within a building; the gentle undulations of the grain and the curves of a branch bring the language of the wood indoors.


Laying the Groundwork



Footfalls across your floor create the rhythm of life in your home; our natural materials and modern construction techniques come together to lay a positive groundwork for sustainable living.

Whether you find your comfort in riverstones or oak boards we source and install the flooring of your choice to maximize the comfort, durability, and beauty of each room.

  • Earthen, Stone & Tile

    We install beautiful and creative tile, stone, and earthen flooring solutions that comfortably and efficiently regulate temperature in a well-insulated building, working well with both passive solar and radiant heating designs.

  • Natural Cork & Linoleum

    Cork and natural linoleum offer an alternative, low-carbon flooring solution to the eco- and tactile-conscious. While soft and easy on the eye they remain lightweight, moisture and fire resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

  • Native Hardwood

    Hardwood flooring, the old standby, gets a new look as we source natively from our network of local forest products providers to generate flooring you can feel good about aesthetically as well as environmentally.