• Design

    Good design is essential. We are a collaborative design team that respects you throughout the process of creating a resilient, durable, and beautiful structure that will be truly and uncommonly loved. Learn more »
  • StrawCell

    Beyond Low Carbon Construction

    What if the way we built buildings actually helped to fix climate change? Straw "fixes" carbon in its growth; we build beautiful homes with it. Invest in our collective future: love farmers, love bread, love the earth, love your house. Learn more »
  • Worker cooperatives do it better.

    We converted to a worker cooperative in 2016. Because all our workers own New Frameworks, we are invested in our business in a profound way. This helps us deliver a quality product and process to our clients.
  • 2016 Efficiency Vermont Honor Award: Existing Houses

    Deep Energy Retrofit work on Existing Buildings: Foam and Fossil-Fuel Free

    In our award-winning Norwich renovation, we took a whole-building approach to meeting the homeowners’ goals for comfort, indoor air quality, and transitioning away from fossil fuels. The couple are now more comfortable – in summer and winter – and are paying over $1,600 less in energy costs.
  • Research

    We are constantly innovating our design and build strategies and to evolve natural building and energy efficient construction so we can collectively reach higher. Learn more »
  • 2016 Efficiency Vermont Honor Award: New Construction

    Unicorn Farm, Middlesex VT

    We won an award for this graceful & elevated home and barn that is solar powered, utilizes local and reclaimed materials, and is the much-loved home of two women, 3 horses, 2 cats, 6 chickens, and a hive of bees.
  • Gryphon Doors

    Natural Building + High Performance Building Science

    One of the only Passive House quality solid wood doors offered as an affordable standard production model in North America. Learn more... »

We offer a new framework for ecological design and construction. We direct processes for constructing the built ecology that enrich the.  New Frameworks aims to heal the interrelationships between planet, people, and the built ecology through social and ecological regenerative building practices.

What’s new: Learn more about our StrawCell Wall Assembly!